1. I would highly recommend DCC

    I had been dealing with a acute sciatica pain, I called and made an appointment. I went to the office with a pain of 10. Jesse worked his magic on my back and the pain was elevated and I walk out of the office with a pain of 4. I was literally back on my feet. The office is warm and inviting. It is very close to the light rail which makes it great for access. I am continuing follow up treatments w…Read More

    Jason R.
  2. Absolutely the best in the business!

    Absolutely the best in the business! Professional and clean environment, kid-friendly and myself and my twins always feel amazing after a treatment.…Read More

    Ashlee I.
  3. Amazing care!

    Amazing care! Dr. Weigel takes such good care of us each and every time! Thank you so much!! HIGHLY recommend Dynamic Care Chiropractic.…Read More

    Kassidy C.
  4. I’m ready to live my life with less pain!

    Walking into the office gave me the feeling of pride and comfort. Dr. Weigel treated me with concern and an education for my chronic discomfort. He was able to target my areas of need without my explanation. He worked on me and I instantly felt relief. My condition is not an easy fix but Dr. Weigel provided me with some self help movements and exercises to initiate on my own. Between myself being …Read More

    Heidi G.
  5. Dynamic Care Chiropractic has helped me fulfill that lifestyle.

    Having scoliosis in my neck and low back caused daily pain and it's so tiring dealing with your daily routine/work/etc. while in pain.I have always been a believer in Chiropractic care as I don't like taking medications and believe in living a holistic lifestyle. Dynamic Care Chiropractic has helped me fulfill that lifestyle.…Read More

    Cynthia S.
  6. improved my health

    I was having lower back, shoulder, and neck pain. Coming to Dynamic Care Chiropractic has improved my health and helped release the tension and pain I was feeling.…Read More

    Ruth H.
  7. I sleep better, and I feel fantastic!

    I have always had problems with TMJ, headaches, upper and lower back pain, ribs displaced, knee pain, and carpal tunnel symptoms. I already live a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating a healthy diet, but adding chiropractic treatment has improved my quality of life immensely. I now rarely take pain medication, I sleep better, and I feel fantastic!…Read More

    Donna E.
  8. I am so thankful I made the choice to come to Dynamic Care Chiropractic.

    I was coming in to find out why my joints and muscles were aching and constantly sore, When I had my exam and x-rays, I found out I was in the early stages of degenerative bone disease. I was chocked to see that my hips, back, and shoulders were misaligned so far. Now that I have been receiving regular treatment from Dr. Weigel my posture is better, and I have been running and hiking without pain …Read More

    Danny D.
  9. I firmly believe without the adjustment I would still be immobile.

    I was at the gym working out when I heard something pop in my hip joint. The pain was immediate and so intense that I could not raise my foot an inch off the floor.I thought of going to the emergency room, but decided that pain pills wouldn't fix it. I called Dr. Weigel and he got me in for treatment immediately. After one treatment I was markedly better, and then just days later I could raise my …Read More

    Phyllis S.
  10. feel great knowing that they are there to support me.

    I woke up on a Saturday with major center back pain that made walking, sitting, and standing extremely difficult. I tried ice and heat, but neither helped. The pain was so intense, that I had a hard time functioning in general. I then called Dr. Weigel for an emergency visit, and he was more than willing to treat me with no hesitation on his day off. I improved 70-80% by that afternoon. I recommen…Read More

    Rob T.