Holistic Medical Center Services

For those of you who are new to chiropractic treatment and injection therapy, we understand that your first visit to our facility may be stressful. However, we aim to soothe any tension or discomfort you may be feeling during your visit. Whatever questions or concerns you have can be addressed with any of our staff members.

Services We Offer

Dr. Jesse Weigel and medical provider Christina Turner have more than 20 years of combined experience treating patients. During this time, they have learned what their strengths are as a medical team and they have devoted their practice to serving those who need it most. As you can see, we offer many services that encompass a wide range of health concerns. Whether you’ve just gotten into a car accident and are recovering from your injuries, or you are searching for a more effective method of weight loss, our team can help.

We provide overall wellness with the finest in care and compassion. Contact us now to schedule your appointment.