Custom fit orthotics are individually-made devices that not only support and comfort your feet, but also match the contours of your feet to provide proper biometrics for posture and walking. They differ from the over-the-counter arch supports (like Dr. Scholl’s), because they are crafted for you and you alone. Over-the-counter arch supports primarily support and cushion your feet, but do not correct the biomechanical imbalances and abnormalities. They are rarely helpful and not intended to be worn on a long term basis.

Custom fit orthotics can help various problems with the feet, knees, hips, and back, and provide a more predictable response with longer symptom relief. If there are biomechanical dysfunctions or structural imbalances, specific corrective support is definitely necessary. The time investment is usually recovered quickly by decreases in recurring symptoms and fewer office visits. The significance of improved function in daily and recreational activities is obvious to most patients.

Custom fit orthotics are more expensive than over-the-counter devices as they are molded to your feet and made of the best materials. These orthotics are typically semi-rigid and designed to correct faulty foot function. When fitted by a trained professional, they can keep your foot in the correct position and help normalize its movements which will, in turn, provide long-term health and wellness benefits. When properly cared for, custom fit orthotics can last many years.