What is Amniotic Allograft Stem Cell Therapy?

One of the most exciting and significant developments in natural medicine in recent years has been stem cell therapy treatments like those now available at Dynamic Health Center in Aurora, Colorado. What are stem cells? How do stem cells work to improve health and who can benefit from these natural treatments?

What are Stem Cells?

Stems cells have the ability replicate themselves, making exact copies. They also have the ability to develop into specialized cells giving them more versatility. There are a number of differing types of stem cells and they change in number and structure as we age. The key to stems cells is they recreate themselves, offering an opportunity for the regeneration of cells that have that been damaged through trauma or age.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

When stem cells are injected into joint areas like the hip, a knee or a shoulder, healthy cells begin replacing those that have degenerated through arthritis or other diseases, as well as those that have simply worn out. These injected stem cells can make exact copies of themselves to provide cushioning material in a joint that is may otherwise be insufficient. This can relieve pain and improve mobility for the long term. Stem cell injections are administered by a Christina Turner a Nurse Practitioner at Dynamic Health Center.

Who Can Benefit from Our Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell injections can benefit those who have arthritis and others who suffer from neck, shoulder, knee or other joint pain. It can be an option for those who have tried other therapies, medications, and even surgery without satisfactory results. It has been effective for those who have experienced trauma in joint areas as well as for those who are experiencing pain associated with degenerative disease. It is particularly useful for those who would prefer to avoid drugs or invasive knee surgery. It is an important natural treatment option for us at Dynamic Health Center. While this is an innovative treatment, even older patients in search of chronic joint pain relief are discovering its benefits.

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Disclaimer: Dynamic Health Center in Aurora, CO does not use any stem cells that originate from an embryo. All of the stem cells used in our stem cell therapy regenerative medicine originate from the amniotic sac and amniotic uid. In addition, we do not use any stem cells from Planned Parenthood.