1. To relieve and prevent neck and back pain – Chiropractors are probably best known for results with neck and back pain. Even Consumer Reports rated chiropractic care as the number one solution for this pain – even rating higher than medical care, drugs, acupuncture, and physical therapy. ABC News also conducted a study and reported the same findings as Consumer Reports.
  2. To relieve and prevent headaches and migraines – Chiropractors are known to significantly relieve and reduce headaches and migraines. Headaches are very common, and are a sign of excessive stress on your central nervous system. The adjustments made by a chiropractor remove the pressure off nerves and allow the entire body to function better.
  3. To relieve and prevent pain, tingling, and numbness of an extremity – Patients with sciatica or cervical neuropathy often seek medical treatment first due to the pain associated with these conditions. Chiropractors remove the pressure on the affected nerves thereby addressing the cause of problem, not just covering up the symptoms with drugs.
  4. To improve range of motion and peak performance – Professional athletes in every sport have endorsed chiropractors and given credit, in part, to their level of success. Chiropractors help the musculoskeletal system perform more effectively. This tends to reduce injury and recover quicker.
  5. Improve overall daily functions – The power that made the body, heals the body. Chiropractors do not treat symptoms; they focus on removing nerve interference which, in turn, improves the function and integrity of the entire body and mind. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all functions in your body, and stresses in that system can create a state of disease and dysfunction.